Who is he?

A wife is a help-mate. Meaning to help the man’s life along. then who is a husband? A protector? A ….? A what? I don’t think I understand any more.

I feel like I knew what my job was when I started this marriage and was full of energy to accomplish it. Now I don’t know. I am suppose to be a help mate to him. I clean his house, I keep his books, I’m available to rid his lusts, I will listen if he wants, and I will do what he asks in most cases. I don’t feel like I have any more to give that that.

Then what is he to me? I feel like the promise I saw in him before where lies. What is the purpose of a husband besides to have children? nothing? He gave me kids and the got rid of my lust to have babies. There. He provides for our family. He fathers the kids.  … and that is marriage.

Some how that feels like there should be more and there just isn’t. I need to think more about this. What is a Godly husband suppose to be?


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